Why do we add dry fruits in Navratri Vrat Thali

The onset of spring is a result of climatic influence. People believed that it’s the most favorable time to worship Goddess Durga. During these days, devotees do fast to impress Goddess durga. During navrati, people make vrat thali but it is not much nutritious as our body need that time. Yes, it looks heavy but the nutritional content is less. Fasting has been a part of religious practices since ancient time. Sacrificing food during these days is an act of saying no to the materialistic things to attain higher spiritual quest. Scientifically, during the changing of weather, our immune system gets low and to detoxify our body, it is advised to eat high nutrition items like dry fruits, dairy products and fresh fruits.

Although you are on fast, so it’s necessary to take sufficient intakes to keep your body energetic and healthy. So here are some food items which not only keep you energetic and healthy but also go with your fasting rituals.


  • Sabudaana 

It’s an excellent source of carbohydrates which gives you the much needed energy. Sabudaana is very easy to digest and it also gives the cooling impact on our body.


  • Sama chawal

Sama chawal is perfect replacement of the rice. It contains fibres, huge amount of B complex vitamins and important minerals like magnesium and iron. It also provides a lot of energy which is a must need thing during fast.


  • Makhana

Makhana is very popular during fasting. It contains huge amount of anti-oxidants. It avoids constipation and helps to flush our the waste materials and toxic waste from our body. Makhana reduces the burning sensation and quenches thirst.


  • Dry fruits

Dry fruits are the main items to add in the vrat thali. They are very good options to gain evergy with the few quantities. Almonds, cashew nuts, pistachios and kishmish are eaten during fasts. Dry fruits provide a lot of energy and keep full for longer time. They are the most fresh and nutritious items in the vrat thali. They are packed with the enormous amount of protein, vitamins, dietary fibres and much more.


Hence it is necessary to add dry fruits in the vrat thali to remain reactive, energetic and healthy during navratri. These all food items are available at Ashoka dry fruits. You can also buy dry fruits online at Ashoka Dry fruits. We have large stock of dry fruits and other items. We are the leading sellers of dry fruits in Delhi. These dry fruits are available at a very cheap price. We have quantity and quality as well. Dry fruits gift boxes are also available. You can visit our stores at Tilak nagar and Dwarka.


Happy Navratri 🙂 . May Goddess Durga fulfill all your wishes.

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