10 reasons why fox nuts are best snacks

We generally consider biscuits, namkeen etc as snacks but we forget that they are just providing us taste and nothing else. We regularly eat them and wasting our hard earned money on them. There are lots of snacks which provide us lot of energy and also keeps us fit and healthy but Fox nuts or 'Makhana' are one of healthiest snacks. They are yummy, crunchy and the best tea time snacks. It's more popular as fasting food because of its nutrients. The health benefits of Fox nuts are superior to those of dry fruits such as almonds and walnuts. Fox nuts are tasteless but you can roast them to add taste and flavors. There are many benefits of consuming makhana as snack.
  • Fox nuts are easily available. You don't have to roam anywhere. Just visit our site Ashoka Dry fruits and order online.
  • It acts as a anti-aging food, preventing us from white hair, premature aging and wrinkles. They are also high on anti-oxidants.
  • Makhanas are full of fibers and so helps us to avoid constipation...
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Why do we add dry fruits in Navratri Vrat Thali

The onset of spring is a result of climatic influence. People believed that it's the most favorable time to worship Goddess Durga. During these days, devotees do fast to impress Goddess durga. During navrati, people make vrat thali but it is not much nutritious as our body need that time. Yes, it looks heavy but the nutritional content is less. Fasting has been a part of religious practices since ancient time. Sacrificing food during these days is an act of saying no to the materialistic things to attain higher spiritual quest. Scientifically, during the changing of weather, our immune system gets low and to detoxify our body, it is advised to eat high nutrition items like dry fruits, dairy products and fresh fruits.Although you are on fast, so it's necessary to take sufficient intakes to keep your body energetic and healthy. So here are some food items which not only keep you energetic and healthy but also go with your fasting rituals. 
  • Sabudaana 
It's an excellent...
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Super foods which will keep you energetic for Navtrari fasting

Navratri is a period for celebrations as well as fasting which has been a bit of holistic spiritual traditions since early times. During the celebration of the nine days, it is necessary that you add meals that are nutritious and at the same time aligns with your fasting customs. According to the religious leaders and holy works, fasting is the action of sanctification that secures melodious coordination in heart, spirit and mind. Hereabouts a list of 5 super foods that serve energy while Navratri fasting. 1. Sabudana Sabudana carries carbohydrates and starch that benefit in producing the energy while you are fasting. It supplies a cooling force to the body and is simple to digest.Though fat & protein quantity is low, it can be utilized with extra ingredients, such as dried and split pulses and milk products, for preparing payasam, kheer or vegetables and peanuts for cooking Sabu dana khichdi. 2. Makhana (fox nuts) Makhana is a highl...
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5 Hacks to save dry fruits from humid weather

We all are fond of dry fruits because of the taste and it is also no secret that they carry many health benefits.


But during the humid weather, they get moisten and because of the moistening, there is a foul taste and their crunchiness and freshness also fade away. So to avoid these kinds of problems, there are some hacks which you can apply to make your nuts fresh for long time.


1. Use air tight container.


All the dry fruits must be kept in air tight containers so that they remain tasty, crispier and crunchier.


2. Avoid excessive exposure to heat.


Exposure to excessive heat and light can spoil the nuts. So it is necessary to keep them at an ambient temperature. Zip lock packing must be used to keep them fresh and crunchier.


3. Refrigeration.


Put the nuts in air tight container and place them in refrigerator. Cool temperature will make them long last as compare to ordinary room temperature.


4. Put the dry fruits in Sugar Container.


Place the dry f...

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Super seeds as best anti-oxidants

Seeds are not just meant for birds. They are packed with loads of nutrients, such as anti-oxidants. Seeds are versatile and can easily be incorporated with different recipes. Seeds are small but the health benefits are enormous. As someone has rightly said that super seeds as best anti-oxidants.


Some well -known super seeds are: amaranth, buckwheat, chia seeds, flexes seeds, hemp seeds and wheat germ.


Chia seeds- they are rich in proteins, anti- oxidants and minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium and zinc. They can easily be added to your favourite dishes. Ground chia seeds can be sprinkled to cereal, vegetables or yoghurt.


Wild rice- they are actually known as grass seed. It has high level of protein than most other whole grains. They also contain 30 times more anti-oxidants than white rice. Wild rice is a good source of fibre and nutrients like folate, magnesium, phosphorous, zinc, manganese, vitamin B6 and niacin. They are extremely versatile and can easily be substit...

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8 Immunity boosting dry fruits on run

In today’s busy life we need super foods which can act as booster dose for our body. The foods we eat are mostly junk which gives us very low nutrition, in fact they are the reason for our acute illness. So what to add in our daily diet which can improve our immune system? The answer is dry fruit. Yes, dry fruits are full of nutrition and they are handy too. For this, you don’t have to spare your time to eat. They are so handy that you can eat them at anywhere. The most important thing is that, a few quantity of dry fruits can give you enormous energy. You don’t have to eat much. These dry fruits are good for health. So here is a list of 8 Immunity boosting dry fruits on run. AlmondsDry fruit like almond contains a lot of vitamins and minerals for building our immunity. It contains anti-oxidants which keeps our cell healthy. 5-6 almonds twice a day is enough for building your immunity. CashewsNuts such as cashews are a good source of zinc. Zinc plays...
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